Hi! I'm Mat, one of the co-founders of Grocery Cop. I started Grocery Cop with one of my long time mates, James, in June 2012 from Brisbane, Queensland. We were both university students at the time, and would often jump back-and-forth between Coles and Woolworths looking for the best price whilst doing the grocery shopping. It was then that we had the idea for an online grocery comparison platform with a difference, compare ALL products from Coles and Woolworths. Launching in March of 2014 we received fantastic feedback from you, our users, and it has encouraged us to grow and improve the site to what it is today.

Grocery Cop now tracks nearly 50,000 unique SKUs from both Coles and Woolworths on a daily basis. It allows you to match items and transfer your baskets directly to the supermarket of choice, saving you money on your grocery shopping.

The Team

Mathew Grace - Mathew is your first point of call for any questions, support or feature requests. Get in touch through the contact page.

James Robertson - James is busy behind the scenes building new features to make it easier for you to save on your shopping.

The Future Plan

We have big plans to make Grocery Cop the leading grocery comparision website for Australia. To see what we are up to checkout our list of requested features. Our plan is to work through and deliver all of these features, starting with the most popular.

We appreciate your feedback and support in getting us this far.


Mat & James