Frequently Asked Questions

Grocery Cop is an online grocery comparison website. We compare individual items and baskets of groceries to show you which supermarket is the cheapest to shop at!

Thankyou! Plenty of work has gone into getting the site to this stage, however we have big ideas of what we can do with the site to help shoppers save! If you have an idea or feature you would like to see on the site get in contact with us via out contact us form, we would love to hear from you. Alternatively click the orange feedback button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and submit your idea.

Coles and Woolworths dominate grocery shopping in Australia and it was the best place to start. This is only a starting point and more vendors will be added in time. Stay tuned!

All of our data is sourced directly from the online stores of each retailer.

The checkout process is not handled by us. All credit card processing is done by the vendor is which you checkout with. Grocery Cop will never ask for your credit card details!

We wish we could but unfortunately you will need to login to the vendor’s site and change this. All the delivery timetabling and changes will need to be made directly with the supermarket you checked out with.

We don’t do any of the grocery deliveries, if you have any issues with the deliveries please contact the vendor you checked out with.

We don't have any stock, we are just a comparison website and all handling is done by the supermarkets you checkout with.

To add a match simply find the product you want, click 'Add Match' and a box will appear. This box will show you the top matches we have automatically matched to the opposite vendor. Select one of the matches and click 'Add Match'. If no suitable matches automatically appear you can search for other products.

Products can be matched two ways. One way is automatically in our backend system and secondly by users. Unfortunately our backend system cant match all the products, we have added a match facility for users to add matches to products that are not matched! Simply click add match next to a product to add a match.

Please reenter your username and password for the vendor you are checking out with as these maybe wrong. If this does not fix the issue please contact us via our contact page.

You will only be able to see backend system matches and your own matches. We cannot undo backend matches but are happy to delete an incorrect match if you have made a mistake. Please contact us via our contact page.

Our prices are updated on a daily basis from both Coles and Woolworths. Its worth noting that the vast majority of prices changes occur weekly on a Wednesday. If you ever unsure if a price is update to date you can check it in 2 areas: 1. On the product tile itself just above the add cart button. 2. By clicking on a product and going to its details page, if you then scroll down past the graph to the bottom it will show you the last updated date.

Grocery Cop is only an online comparison platform and we do not stock or ship any items. If you are looking for a product that you cant find in stock we would recommend contacting Coles or Woolworths directly.